Holy Crap: Love

Everything on my stunning friend shannonpareil's tumblr (Holy Crap, A Talking Biscuit) has been graceful and longing-inducing lately.  When we were teenagers, we used to write verse (sonnets, free verse, sestinas) while bored in class, trade them in the hallways between periods, and each complete the other's poem in the next class.  She's that kind of friend.

I give you two reflections on love, courtesy of her.  This:

And this:

things i pretend

  • you are on a trip.
  • you are on a trip to the amazon in search of el dorado.
  • you are on a trip to the moon.
  • you are on a trip anywhere that is beyond the range of modern communication.
  • you are a character in a book i fell in love with, but now the book has ended, and you only live in the pages.
  • you’re just in the other room while i stand in the kitchen cooking dinner.
  • i haven’t met you yet.

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