And I used to OWN the damn things. Seriously: google it.

D: "You know what show's supposed to be good? My Little Pony.  Seriously: google it."
He gradually becomes aware of a creeping silence.
D: "What?  WHAT?"

I'm not kidding; he's making me watch it online.  I'm going to see whether I can't tempt him back to sanity with this box set of Homicide.

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  1. nicole says:

    Hahaha. I've heard all too much about the "bronies" in recent months (if you haven't Googled it yet, that's bros who are into "My Little Pony"). I can't even begin to guess how many of these little guys I had when I was a kid; they were definitely my favorite toy circa age 4. But this TV show business and young male fan base is disconcerting at best!

  2. Oh, I'm definitely going to start calling D "brony" in moments of ire....

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