Ring it in: I'm ready

2010 was asteroid-gazing in Oahu and startling mooselings in Cape Breton, metatheatre and Mt. Grademore, becoming a Reformist and eavesdropping on the Monster Raving Loonies, seaside Bollywood dancing and snorkeling with cylons, It was reuniting with lost friends, and it was lobsters and trashy novels and shocking my students equally with Aristophanes and Racine and Genet. And lobsters, lobsters in every ocean.

Now I'm ringing it out with cassoulet and sturgeon and my mother's edition of The Wild Duck, filled with scribblings from her turn as Hedvig when she was a dozen years younger than I am now.

"If I had known then what I can see now in front of me," she says wonderingly to me, "would I have believed it?"

Happy New Year, all.  Tidings of comfort and joy:  remember that it's all longer days from here on out.

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