Absence makes the blog grow fonder

I write to you from the pale crags and papery drifts of Mt. Grademore because it has been too long - far, far too long - an absence.  Let me see whether I can't cobble together some brief accounts of what I have been up to in the past month in stolen moments between grading papers on the York Crucifixion play and exams on the commodification of leisure in the Renaissance.

Meanwhile: what do you think of the new blog aesthetic?  I've been toying with the idea of moving to Wordpress or Tumblr for some time, lured in by their cleaner themes, but I like the level of control I have over minutia in Blogger, so I finally settled on this.  The only glitch I haven't been able to fix yet concerns the indentation of bullet lists in my posts.  I'm afraid that will have to wait for another day, when Mt. Grademore no longer looms.

(Also, in order to comment on posts in my new theme, you now have to click on the post title and go to the post's individual page.  Sorry about that.  I will look into fixing it so that you can comment on Sycorax Pine's main page as well.)

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  1. "what do you think of the new blog aesthetic?"

    It doesn't show up in my feedreader, which is where I tend to read posts, but once I came across to look at it, I was agreeably surprised.

    It makes me feel I've walked into a literary salon like this. That's almost certainly due to the colour scheme, lack of clutter, and curlicues.

    The fonts you've used, though, make me think of US "Wanted" posters. I can't find one with that exact combination, but I get a similar feel from this (the smaller fonts, not the ones used for the huge headlines).

  2. This is so helpful (as always with your comments) - thank you, Laura.

    I'm afraid I can't take credit for either the successes or the failures of the theme, since it is entirely the creation of some unknown-to-me designer. There a number of things I am going to tweak, however, if I can figure out how.

    But I couldn't be more pleased to hear that I've achieved that coveted "Deadwood"/L'Illustre Theatre combination! Success!

    Maybe I should change my tag line to:
    "There'll be no sins we must atone,
    'Cause evil exists only when it's known." (Tartuffe)

  3. I imagine that tagline would make for a very lively afternoon at the salon.

  4. Erin says:

    I think the new aesthetic is lovely! Very clean and crisp. I, for one, quite like it!

  5. Thanks, Erin! It is growing on me by leaps and bounds. I like the clean look, but it does dismay me that all of the important buttons are at the bottom...

    Laura: "A Lively Afternoon at the Salon" would be a phenomenal blog title in its own right...

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