So. The start of the school year and my return to teaching, in combination with all kinds of other work-finding and dissertation-finishing pressures, has produced an insane work schedule for me of late. The result: a sad longing for my salad days of constant blogging. Blogstalgia.

However, at the end of the day, with undone work glaring malevolently at me from every corner, the idea of writing a long, thoughtful review has proved to be a fantasy, and increasingly an additional source of stress. It is time, I think, for a new "I have a full-time job now" approach. I am afraid that the era of the winding and detailed post may have to give way for a time to shorter reviews and updates. But what I would like to do is this: make blogging as close to a daily habit as I can muster, while removing the pressure to provide as complete an analysis (ha!) as I would normally want to give of a film, book or play (there are so many things I am seeing and reading, and I just don't remember - or even like - them as well when I don't blog about them). So if my posts are somewhat shorter in the next few months, my apologies. Think of them as fragments of what I would like to say, if I only had time to do it.

But who knows - I have often sat down to write a quick sketch of a post, only to find myself in the midst of a meandering diatribe or tempting alleyway of a side argument. I can't say I will be immune to the temptations of longwindedness in the months to come.

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  1. Max Renn says:

    Props to you for having the self-awareness required to declare a commitment to the paying work! When we clamor for more bloging, we're just being greedy.
    As much as I like having you close by, I do want you to finish up this year. You're in the home stretch! -J

  2. Aha! I see you have tired of me already! ;)

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