The Four Horsemen and Farfara

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The library before the Four Horsemen
(fire, blood, flood, and bookalanche) arrived

Yesterday I went to put a book back in the library, and found myself sloshing through a substantial amount of water. After an initial moment of panic in which I believed that our septic system was backing up, I discovered that in fact I had simply broken the washing machine, which was now pumping its entire supply of sudsy water across the floor of our house. 

In telling this to D much later, I summarized: "So, thus far, I have set the kitchen on fire, bled with Jacobean abundance from hands and feet all over the ground floor, and flooded the library. Basically, I am the End of Days for this house."

"Have you considered sitting down and just, um, not doing anything for a while?", D asked.

"I'm Apocalyptic!" I replied, laughing low and not a little maniacally.

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  1. Maybe the creature that appeared on your hat in the last post is an omen indicating that Farfara will soon be overrun by a plague of dragonflies?

  2. That's both terrifying and strangely lovely as a prospect.

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