A cruel (post)mistress

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I came home from the holidays to find a marvelous, heartwarming backlog of Christmas cards, all of which now fondly grace our mantel. I'm now reminded, however, that I may have told some of you that the postal service wouldn't deliver the mail unless you put an exclamation point after the "Canada!". I may even have described it as a tyrannical whim of the postal beaver's. 

[Cough.] Sorry about that. I'm going to try to be more honest in 2012. Thank you for delivering my eccentrically addressed mail through the snow and sleet, postal beaver.

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  1. I'm going to try to be more honest in 2012

    That's alright. I've been paying very careful attention to this blog and I've worked out that the real address to which I must send all correspondence (after having affixed an appropriately angled stamp) is:

    Sycorax Pine
    Land of Gothic Solitude
    Home of the Tyrannical Postal Beaver
    Where Still the Barge She Sat In Wanders at Will

  2. You are my best reader, Laura. You couldn't have gotten a more exact address if you had been Google itself.

    The Tyrannical Postal Beaver is always trying to hem in the Barge She Sat In, but it beggars description and will not be contained.

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