Don't tell D, but I'm on Twitter. Just tryin' it out.  We'll see how it goes.

(You remember how he feels about it.  "I'm going to start my own site," he scoffed. " We will send beets."  I encouraged him to do it, visions of hipster fame dancing in my head.  But of course, the mind that gave birth to was too steeped in cynicism to make good on the idea.)

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  1. JW says:

    I'm with Dan. Don't want to have to drown in shallowness.

  2. I don't know: I don't think "short" inherently means "shallow". The Twitter constraint could be like a form poem's. Especially for someone like me, who tends to the ... verbose. (No chuckling!) Arguments for the shallowness of Twitter are a bit like the epic poet saying, "I don't write sonnets - they're so lightweight!".

    Except that yes, there is a lot of tweet drivel, and a lot of unbearably inane sonnets out there.

    I heard an interesting piece on the CBC the other day that argued that, although new media like Twitter has its faults as news formats, it does allow you to do a longitudinal study of a topic long after long-form media have run out of resources or interest to cover it. It's a fascinating archivist's or social historians tool, if we can figure out how to harness it.

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