An experiment in praxis

Friday, January 14, 2011

(To give this the most pompous possible title....)

I'm really enjoying my new policy of posting lightning reviews of everything I read and watch (for stage and screen), but I can see already that my... more verbose qualities are running amok and cluttering up the "This year in..." pages.

So I am going to try out a change: posting the lightning reviews as separate entries, with links from the "This year in..." pages.   If I want to (and have time to) return and flesh out a lightning review later, I will, and then I'll post a wee note linking back to the altered review.

We'll see whether this puts me off regular reviewing - a post (however brief) always seems more intimidating somehow than the same few lines jotted at the bottom of a list.  If this leads to the dread procrastination, I'll have to rethink.

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