Shifting my Associates Allegiance to Indie Bookstores

Normally all associates links to books, films, and television from Sycorax Pine will take you to Amazon, where (should you choose to buy something), I will get a tiny percentage off that purchase to spend on books.

Shop Indie BookstoresJust today, however, I received news that my affiliate membership at is good to go.  Indiebound works on the same premise as Amazon, but if you click through on its links, you will be able to purchase books directly from your local independent bookstore, rather than a big national chain. 

I use Amazon pretty extensively, but whenever possible I prefer to channel money into the local bookstore of my youthful devotion (Politics and Prose in Washington, DC) or its brethren in the various cities I have lived and visited.  So this seems like an ideal solution to the dominance that Amazon has had among blogs like this one. 

I am going to try Indiebound out to make sure that it functions as smoothly as Amazon, but I will tentatively set out this plan: from here on out, all associate links to books from this blog will point you towards Indiebound.  All associate links to films, television shows, and other non-bookish materials that I think you might like to get a hold of will still take you to Amazon.

Has anyone else tried out Indiebound yet, as a purchaser or an Associate? What did you think?

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