Continuing Adventures with the Honored Ancestors

Brunch with my grandparents.  As we sit down, my grandfather looks down at his napkin, which has two forks tucked into its folds.  He looks reflective.

"These look just like a man and his wife in bed together."  Contemplative pause. Slight, fond smile. "A married pair of forks."

*     *     *

How many of you heard the following sentence from your grandmother today:
"I wonder where my hermaphrodites could have gone?"
Full disclosure: she may have been talking about a very old piece of Coptic fabric, embroidered with wee hermaphrodites, that had alway hung in the bathroom of her old house. (Because really, where better to display a tapestry of hermaphrodites baring their double glories than the bathroom?)  And she may have referred to them as bisexuals at first.   But don't worry - this just led to a bracing conversation about the difference between bisexuality and hermaphroditism.  That's how we celebrate July 4 en famille Sycoraxienne. 

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  1. Hermaphroditic fabric. Too funny.

    Sounds like a nice, and interesting July 4th.

    Btw, you had said you were interested in joining the Canadian Book Challenge, but I'll need your email address before I can sign you up. Can you email me jmutford AT hotmail DOT com. Thanks!

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