Most dispiriting thing I read today

From an article on threats against Barack Obama and his request for secret service protection in the Sunday Times of London (“Security net for Democrat with rally appeal” by Sarah Baxter, May 6, 2007), in a section discussing the reaction of his wife:

"Michelle Obama comforts herself with the thought that no African-American is free from the threat of violence. ‘I don’t lose sleep over it because the realities are that, as a black man, Barack can get shot going to the gas station,’ she said.”

She *comforts* herself with that thought? How on earth did the reporter translate Michelle Obama’s almost satirically cynical comment on violence and racism in American life to the idea that she is vaguely soothed by the fear and anger that this racism interjects into the lives of those who are its targets? I searched the article for hints of irony, but I am sad to say I found none.

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  1. Melwyk says:

    The fact that the article has no sense of irony about this statement is perhaps one of the scariest things about this reality! I agree, the use of the word "comforts" in this context is just plain weird.

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