Thinking, Blogging, Thinking some more....

The irrepressibly smart Wendy of caribousmom (she of the brilliant New York Times Notable Book Challenge) has "tagged" me as one of her five choices for the Thinking Blogger Awards. I am, I have to say, utterly charmed to have been included and not a little bereft of words to express my excitement.

At any rate, I have fallen behind in my blog reading in my recent travels, so I will take a few days to cast my eye over the vast and colorful blog landscape before returning to post my list of five "Thinking" blogs (a list that will no doubt fail to encompass the breadth of my blog affections). A fuller post on the subject lurks in the near future....

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  1. kookie says:

    Congrats, Ariel. I told Wendy (via blog comment) that I thought she made an excellent choice.

  2. Thanks, kookiejar! I feel a little embarrassed, in light of the compliment, that my blog has been going through a bit of a, well, fallow period this past coupel of weeks, so now I must jump to it and actually review some of the books and films I have been watching! (It is also embarrassing that I am halfway through about 3 books for the NYT Notable Book Challenge, all of which sit unfinished at home while I toodle about on the other side of the nation this week. Sigh.)

  3. kookie says:

    I knew you'd come back, eventually. I hit a stall with the NYT Challenge as well, so don't feel bad.

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