Chunky Addendum

As I cast my mind over some of the books I would like to read over the next five months, it occurs to me that I should expand my menu for the Chunkster Challenge to include more of the Chunksters (books over 400 pages) I am contemplating reading. So, consider this an addendum to my earlier Chunkster post. More details can be found in it, but the list I gave before was as follows:

1) Don Quixote
2) Tristram Shandy
3) The Mysteries of Udolpho
4) Kafka on the Shore
5) The Famished Road
6) Something Rotten
7) The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
8) Suite Francaise
9) Dirt Music

Of which, I have finished one ("The Tenant of Wildfell Hall"), am at work on another ("Suite Francaise") and will shortly embark on a third ("Something Rotten").

Here are some of the books I would like to add to the realm of possibility, a number of them classic, some of them monsters of girth:

10) "Daniel Deronda" George Eliot
11) "Berlin Alexanderplatz" Alfred Doblin
12) "The Ambassadors" Henry James
13) "Armadale" Wilkie Collins
14) "The Book Thief" Markus Zusak
15) "North and South" Elizabeth Gaskell
16) "The Commonwealth of Thieves" Tom Keneally
17) "Martin Chuzzlewit" Charles Dickens
18) "Cloudstreet" Tim Winton
19) "Oscar and Lucinda" Peter Carey

My goal is still to read at least 6 Chunksters in 6 months, but now I have a greater variety from which to choose. If I can read more than 6 in that time, I will feel intolerably pleased with myself.

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  1. An ambitious and interesting list you have there. Oscar and Lucinda is definitely a worthy backup.

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